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The purpose of the PNWCA is to further the theoretical, practical, and political interests of writing center professionals, and to encourage dialogue about writing and learning among students, faculty and staff. Membership includes writing center staff from Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and the Yukon.

Founded and affiliated with the International Writing Centers Association in 2004, the PNWCA and its officers truly wish to represent the needs unique to writing centers in our North American geographical region.

If you're a writing center professional from the region--and, yes, that includes writing tutors, consultants, assistants, and graduate teaching assistants--then we invite you to create an account, explore this site's resources, ask questions, and join conversations.

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2016 TYCA-PNW/PNWCA Conference Registration

2016 Joint Conference Registration Page

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Joint Conference Information, including CFP and Hotel Registration Links

TYCA-PNW/PNWCA 2016 Joint Conference: October 21 and 22, 2016

2016 TYCA-PNW/PNWCA Joint Conference

Oregon State University
Memorial Union, Corvallis, Oregon

Beyond Good Intentions

October 21 and 22, 2016

Thanks so much for your collaboration, suggestions, and sharing!

Thanks so much Hill Taylor, Jenny Halpin, and Amy Whitcomb for your response, questions, suggestions, and interest to advance graduate research writing support in the PNW. Your collaboration and sharing are crucial to identify the real needs of  graduate research writers across the PNW and develop different writing support approaches for better research communication and innovation.

Happy New Year 2015!



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