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The purpose of the PNWCA is to further the theoretical, practical, and political interests of writing center professionals, and to encourage dialogue about writing and learning among students, faculty and staff. Membership includes writing center staff from Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and the Yukon.

Founded and affiliated with the International Writing Centers Association in 2004, the PNWCA and its officers truly wish to represent the needs unique to writing centers in our North American geographical region.

If you're a writing center professional from the region--and, yes, that includes writing tutors, consultants, assistants, and graduate teaching assistants--then we invite you to create an account, explore this site's resources, ask questions, and join conversations.

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Director: Oregon State University Academic Success Center


The Academic Success Center at Oregon State University is pleased to announce its search for a Director. The Academic Success Center (ASC) is a unit in the division of Academic Success and Engagement in Academic Affairs that supports and enhances the university’s learning environment and promotes student persistence and success. Please encourage qualified candidates to apply.


Thanks so much for your collaboration, suggestions, and sharing!

Thanks so much Hill Taylor, Jenny Halpin, and Amy Whitcomb for your response, questions, suggestions, and interest to advance graduate research writing support in the PNW. I would like to share worksheets for graduate research writers from the new website of the Graduate and Professional Writing Center (GPWC) at Washington State University (WSU), http://gpwc-wsu.wix.com/gpwc#!documents/cc6. I am very pleased to inform you that WSU GPWC is growing and planning to grow more in future with all of you.

Northwest Tutoring Center Conference 2015

Conference Logo

Green River Community College

February 28, 2015 in Auburn, WA

With increased national attention on degree completion rates at universities and colleges, tutoring programs and academic resource centers routinely demonstrate their value on campuses across the US. Many working in higher education understand how tutoring and academic resource centers help students in traditional ways, but oftentimes these programs serve functions that are not recognized. Students have to navigate difficult terrain in college, and they face many obstacles in their efforts to be successful. Tutors, peer navigators, mentors, Supplemental Instruction leaders, advisors, and others act as guides who make the pathways to academic success more visible for students. This conference challenges the faculty, administrators, staff, and students of these kinds of programs to share and critically examine the strategies and practices they use to help students achieve their goals and reach the summit of success.

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Joyce Hammer, Director of Transfer Education for the Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges

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